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Working together for a better future

Guided by its kyosei philosophy that focuses on "living and working together for the common good", Canon is dedicated to producing innovative products and technologies to improve efficiency at home and in the office. We are committed to steering our research and manufacturing processes towards sustainability, providing a safe and healthy workplace, and delivering high quality products to our customers. 


Canon in Indonesia

Canon first made its presence in Indonesia when it started to sell its products in 1976. Canon does not have an office in Indonesia and is currently working with five authorised distributors to distribute the wide array of Canon products ranging from consumer to business and industrial products. 

The five authorised distributors marketing Canon's range of products in Indonesia are,

  • Mandarin Opto-Media Co., Pte Ltd
  • P.T. Datascrip
  • P.T. Erry Guna
  • P.T. Murti Indah Sentosa
  • P.T. Samafitro

Canon's activities in Indonesia are overseen by Canon Singapore Pte Ltd, who is the regional headquarters for Canon in South & Southeast Asia. Canon Singapore drives sales, marketing and service strategies in the region and leads 16 other countries including subsidiaries in India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and a representative office in Vietnam.

The parent company Canon Inc has a global network of 219 companies and employs more than 118,000 people worldwide. It is dedicated to the advancement in technology and innovation and commits about 10% of its total revenue each year to R&D. Canon is consistently one of the top three companies to earn the most number of patents over the last 15 years. As a Fortune Global 500 company, Canon is guided by its Kyosei Philosophy that focuses on living and working together for the common good.


Caring for the environment

While developing innovative technologies, Canon is also working to lessen the impact on the environment in all stages of the life cycle of its products. Our policies for research as well as manufacturing are aimed at reducing waste and preserving the environment. Here are some examples of recent innovations: 

  • We recover and recycle chemical emissions during the production process.
  • Power consumption has been reduced in printers and copiers in stand-by mode.
  • A new method for electrical charging in copiers and laser printers means they emit virtually no ozone. 
    Read more about Canon's environmental activities


Joining forces: cartridge recycling

In 1990 Canon was the first in the world to initiate an extensive cartridge recycling programme, with the used cartridges being used as parts or materials for new cartridges. Please join us in this effort! You can drop off your used cartridges at one of our designated Singapore pick-up points, or arrange for pick up if you have used cartridges in large quantities. 
More about the cartridge recycling programme